While studying computer science, I co-founded a software company called TheCodingMonkeys. We make carefully crafted software for Macs and iOS devices. Our first project was called Hydra – now SubEthaEdit – a text editor that mainstreamed collaborative editing. To be frank, it was basically my unwillingness to walk around to other desks for pair programming that kickstarted what we now take for granted in e.g. Google Docs. SubEthaEdit won an Apple Design Award in 2003 like we hoped it would when starting the project. In 2008 I helped to transform Toronto’s city hall into a giant pixel display, which played movies, Space Invaders or Tetris. After that, I assisted in the creation of the TV production software BoinxTV (now called mimoLive), a 2009 Apple Design Award winner. In 2010 my company created an iOS adaption of the board game Carcassonne, that earned universal acclaim. We followed up with a second board game called Lost Cities and a game for kids called Chicken Cha Cha Cha. In 2014 we released RULES! A fun action-puzzler. It won the German Games Developer Award and the state-sponsored German Computer Game Award. Later it became the first game published on the Apple Watch. In 2015 I helped create Carcassonne for Mac and One Button Travel, an interactive fiction game. In 2017 and 2018 I was able to help out as a broadcast technician on one of my favorite things on the Internet: Desert Bus for Hope. It was the best.

Making radio is one of my passions. I’m part of a tech podcast called »Fanboys«. It’s a mix of news, reviews, and recommendations with a listenership of around ten thousand. I’m also part of the podcast »Retrozirkel«, which focuses on retro gaming. It’s like a book club, but for retro games: Each month there’s an assignment for us and the listeners. Both are German language shows, though.

My favorite things include cats, Indian Pale Ale, cats, baby goats, cats, the Japanese language, Iaido, Objective-C, Erlang, and Python.